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At OpenMind Systems, we believe that organizations will be more responsive to the marketplace and have a more open environment for innovation and transformation when they have an agile infrastructure that is enabled by cloud computing and new outsourcing models.

The ultimate objectives are to enable a business or government to quickly take control of its IT costs, enhance its system security, improve its ability to support its business and operating strategy, and self-fund longer-term, IT-enabled improvements that drive additional value and high performance. Consideration of sourcing strategies—whether to co-source or outsource—should also form part of the overall plan.

OpenMind takes a three-phased approach to creating an agile infrastructure that is manageable, cost effective and minimally disruptive to ongoing business operations.

· Phase one: Start with a comprehensive consolidation and standardization program to reduce complexity, expense and operations and management challenges.

· Phase two: Extend the benefits of phase one activities by superimposing a virtual layer on the newly standardized IT environment.

· Phase three: Allow the organization to fully exploit utility-style computing capabilities as they are realized. Organizations will be able to tap into IT capacity from third-party vendors and pay for only the capacity or type of service or resources they use. These early adopters will be the leaders that help to shape how this "utility style" model works.